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Biography of Justice Muhammed Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed

Chairman, Bangladesh Press Council


Justice Muhammad Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed son of late Aftab Uddin Ahmed was born on 31-12-1944 at the village Rampur, PS: Burichang, District: Comilla. He obtained Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Dhaka and also obtained degree of Bachelor of Law and Literature (LLB), from the same University.

Enrolled as an Advocate of the District Court, the High Court Division and the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court on 26.06.1973, 09.06.1982 and May 1999 respectively.

Appointed as Deputy Attorney General for Bangladesh, in 1996.

 Elevated as An Additional Judge of the High Court Division on 24.10.1999 and also appointed as ‘Judge’ of the same Division on 25.03.2009.

Thereafter, Hon’ble President of Bangladesh having been satisfied with the extraordinary services as a Judge of the High Court Division had appointed as a `Judge’ of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh on 16.05.2011 and took oath accordingly.

He retired from the Appellate Division on 31.12.2011. Almost all the judgments of both the Divisions of the Supreme Court were published in the Law Journals of Bangladesh.

At present working as the Chairman of Bangladesh Press Council.

He participated as a Freedom Fighter in the War of Liberation in 1971. He also participated in the World Youth Conference, in 1973. He visited China in 1997 with the government delegation as Deputy Attorney General to acquaint with the Laws and Legal system of China.


Received Medals for special contribution towards Judiciary:

  • Ø ‘Sher-E-Bangla A. K. Fazlul Haque Gold Medal’ 2014 from ‘United Movements for Human Rights’.
  • Ø ‘Ishwar Chandra Biddahwa Sagar Gold Medal’ 2014 from “Smritite 71 Sangsritic Songsod”.
  • Ø ‘Gyaan Taposh Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah Medal’ 2014 from “Aloy Vubon Vora, Dhaka.”
  • Ø ‘Major Goni Gold Medal’ 2011 from Major Goni Smriti Parishad.

Social Contributions:

  • Ø Advisor, Greater Comilla Association at Dhaka.
  • Ø Alternative Trustee, Justice Amin Ahmed Trust, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
  • Ø Elected as Advisor, Bangladesh-India Friendship Society.
  • Ø Founder, Rampur Community Clinic Centre, Comilla.
  • Ø President, Rampur Bitur Mamur Jame Mosque, Rampur, Comilla.
  • Ø Member, Mosjid-Ut-Taqwa Society, Dhanmondi.


v Visited China, Hongkong, India, Nepal, East Berlin in 1973, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom. 

Spouse :  Khairun Nessa Ahmed

2 Sons :

v    Minhaz Uddin Ahmed

             Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Australia.

v Barrister Muntasir Uddin Ahmed

Practising in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.




Short profile of Mr. Shyamol Chandra Karmakar

Secretary of Bangladesh Press Council

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Mr. Shyamol Chandra Karmakar, Secretary, Bangladesh Press Council was born on 1st February , 1964 at Betagi upazilla Sadar in the district of Barguna, Bangladesh. He  did his Hon's. and Masters Degree from the University of Dhaka in Economics . He joined Bangladesh Civil Service on 26th January, 1991  and worked  in different capacities. Out of 24 years of service he served 20 years in the field level and rest of the time in different Ministries and Organizations. On 15 December, 2010 he was promoted as Deputy Secretary and on April 06, 2015 as Joint Secretary  to the government . He has completed Managing At The Top (MATT-2) Course in 2012 and Advanced Course on Administration & Development at Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) in 2014.

He joined as Secretary of Bangladesh Press Council on February,2013. As Secretary of Bangladesh Press Council, he has conducted so many training workshops/meeting of exchange of views   for the journalists of Bangladesh and also participated as a resource person in many workshops for the journalists of print & electronic media at different part of Bangladesh arranged by Bangladesh Press Council . He wrote a seminar paper on ‘ Streamlining Yellow Journalism: The Role of Bangladesh Press Council’.

He is married and   blessed with three sons.






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